Option 1. Patients under the age of 18 or 19 if in full time education can be taken on as full private patients with the fees being the same as those for adult patients. The exception being that fillings on deciduous teeth (baby teeth) are less expensive than those on adult teeth. Check up appointments are for the full 15 minutes and are relaxed and enjoyable for the child. Children can be taken on as patients at this level even when their parents are not patients at this practice

Option 2. FREE CHECKUPS. This alternative arrangement is for those children whose parents are seen here as regular private patients. We can do check ups and cleaning on these children for no charge provided they are booked into the same session as their parent or brother or sister. If treatment such as fillings are needed then these are charged at our normal rates for children.



Option 2. gives less time for the patient in the chair, but when the child has a healthy mouth, we have found that it works well. If treatment such as fillings are needed then it may be necessary to make a further appointment.


Most of our child patients have never needed a filling and if our dietary guidance and cleaning advice is followed, we would not expect the majority of child patients to need any treatment. It is however important that child patients have a checkup and clean about every 6 months to catch problems before they become serious and also to monitor teeth alignment as the new teeth emerge and baby teeth are lost

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