Rather that pay for dental treatment at the time of treatment, some patients prefer to spread their costs with a regular payment scheme.

Denplan is a regular payment scheme which spreads the cost of your dental care with a regular monthly payment. The option of Denplan Care is available at Highgate Wood Dental Practice.

Who is Denplan Ltd?
Denplan is the UK's leading dental health care company, which was founded in 1986 when two dentists had a vision of creating a new approach to dental care. Today, this is evident in the Denplan Care programme, which is based on the prevention of dental disease rather than repair.

Denplan Care explained
There are thousands of Denplan Practice Teams across the UK who recommend that you should follow a programme of preventive care, using the skill of their practice teams and the support of Denplan Care.

With Denplan Care your fixed monthly payments help you to budget for regular, affordable preventive dental care, without the fear of costly and unexpected bills.

The support that Denplan Practice Teams receive from Denplan, means that they can spend more time with individual patients and concentrate on developing a good oral health routine.

Well Established
Around a third of UK dentists currently support Denplan Care with over one million registered patients. It is the only programme to have been fully accredited by the British Dental Association.

All Denplan member dentists must take part in the Denplan Practice Quality Programme every 3 years. It enables Denplan practice teams to stay abreast of current legislation and accepted 'good practice'.

Benefits for patients

For further information, please contact the Customer Advisor Team on:
Tel: 0800 401402

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