Our private fee structure allows us to provide dental care of the highest possible quality.

Routine maintenance is very affordable and patients who follow our advice regarding cleaning and diet will rarely need treatments such as fillings crowns or root canal work.

Guide Private price List

This list shows only some of the procedures available at the practice and is presented to give an idea of the costs of the high quality private care we provide.

A fully comprehensive printed estimate can be provided before a prospective treatment plan is started. 

00.00               Examination/check-up

15.00              X Ray films per small film

69.00             15 minute cleaning (scale and polish)

138.00             30 minute cleaning (scale and polish)

69.00             Examination/check-up/consultation 15 min

  Anterior ( Front teeth ) White fillings:

85.00             Small

145.00             Medium

155.00            Large

Posterior ( Back teeth ) White fillings

150.00               Small

185.00             Medium

210.00             Large

  Crown and Bridge:

605.00             Bonded crown

733.00            Zirconia crown

605.00             Bonded Bridge : per unit (per tooth)               

733.00             Zirconia Bridge per unit

465.00             Full mouth bleaching (tooth whitening)

  There are of course many other procedures not listed here, please phone if you require guidance.

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